Level 2
Award in Mental Health Awareness

Price: £225.00
Number of Sessions: 1 session

With one in every four people experiencing a mental health problem at some point in their lives, a greater awareness of mental health issues and an understanding of how to manage our mental health is required. Speaking on World Mental Health Day last year, Prince William said: “Up and down the country; in schools and workplaces; in towns, cities, and villages; among men and women; between young and old – the UK was finally talking about mental health. And they were talking without sadness, and without stigma. They were talking in a frank way, with everyday language, and without fear of judgement, to their friends, to their partners, to their children, and to their colleagues. But while we are all here to mark what has been achieved, we all know that there is much more still to be done.”

The Level 2 Award in Mental Health Awareness aims to tackle this problem and increase people’s awareness and understanding of mental health. It will help to reduce stigma and discrimination, encouraging people to talk about mental health. Furthermore, the qualification should provide learners with an understanding of ways of managing and improving their own mental health and how to offer mental health first aid.

The qualification is designed to be delivered over 15 hours and consists of two units; the Mental Health Awareness unit, which aims to improve knowledge and understanding, change attitudes, encourage people to talk about mental health and remove social stigma, and secondly, the Mental Health ‘First Aid’ unit will give learners the basic tools to help someone developing a mental health issue, experiencing mental health problems or in a sudden mental health crisis. The ‘First Aid’ module sets this Active IQ qualification apart from others in the market.   

Suitable for all of our providers to deliver, this qualification will be available from November.